Apr 24, 2009

Warlock 087 Download

Battle other warlocks in an arena surrounded by lava.

- New item: The Stone of Jordan Ring - spells can now be buffed above their maximum level.
- New pillars and a new pillar system: Added another type of pillars (rocks), each type now has a variation (so total 4 pillars available).
- New team edit command: "-tmedit############" see below.

To change teams, you must be host, it must be shop time, the teams must be unequal and the teams you write must be equal.

Example1: -tmedit000111222
This will set:
Player 1, 2 and 3 on team 0
Player 4, 5 and 6 on team 1
Player 7, 8 and 9 on team 2

Example2: -tmedit0123456789ab
This will set FFA

- Boomerang: Reduced cooldown for the spell on the first upgrades.
- Drain: No longer increases speed after changing direction. Collision size reduced.
- Fireball: Collision size increased (from 20 to 23).
- Displacement: Now cost 10 gold instead of 12.
- Splitter: Area mode cooldown reduced by 6, rotation speed increased by 50%.
- Splitter: Upgrade cost reduced from 11 to 9.
- Lightning+fireball: Reduced the AoE range of the explosion
- Life steal mastery: Life steal increased from 6/3% to 8/4% per upgrade.
- Mask of Death: Life steal increased from 24/12% to 32/16%
- Splitter knockback factor on target mode reduced from 8O% to 70%
- Rush: Now reduces damage taken by 10%
- Time shift: Upgrade costs reduced by 1 gold.
- Staff of Fireball: Buffed the cooldown reduction slightly.

- Splitter no longer has a 0 second cooldown
- Time Shift and Wind Walk no longer causes 'extreme negative movement speed'
- Displacement no longer interrupt the target's spells
- Helm 3 now displays the correct hp bonus and knockback reduction
- Bouncer now has correct tooltips
- Life steal mastery upgrade now has correct tooltips
- Staff of Fireball no longer keeps the fireball damage when it is sold

- To set constants, you can now write -c instead of -C
- Shrink time is now calculated as: Constant*SquareRoot(Alive) instead of Constant*Alive.
- Drain will no longer reduce additional damage points when the caster has full hitpoints.
- League mode is now fully supported. Stats (kill/death/assist/points/winner/gamemode) can now be recorded, if you have a bot with the right configs. To play league, simply write -league. Most constants are preset.
- Map protection failure fixed. The map protection is now far more efficient.

Download Warlock 087 Download


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crashes when i host :S

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