Jul 3, 2009

Blizzard Has Stop Supporting Windows 98/ME/2000

Blizzard announced on Battle.Net Forums that they are stoping Warcraft 3 support for Windows 98/ME/2000

Quote from Blizzard:

Please note that we have ended support for all Blizzard Entertainment games under Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 2000. This means that if technical issues arise while playing under these operating systems, our Technical Support department may not be able to resolve these issues. We will still do our best to provide basic troubleshooting advice, but if these suggestions do not work, we will be unable to provide further assistance.

This is not a big deal, who still use this old Windowses? - no one :D

For Example:

93K people visited this blog that use windows, and only 0.19% are using windows 98/ME and 2000.

If Blizzard can't help You and You are using windows 98/ME or 2000 try to find help here.


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