Jul 6, 2009

How To Install Warcraft 3 On Ubuntu/Linux With Wine

If You are Ubuntu/Linux user and You want to play Warcraft 3 only way is with using wine. Wine is tool that allows you to run windows applications in Linux.

  • Step 1. Installing Wine

First You need to install Wine.
If You are using Ubuntu go to terminal and type: (for other distribution read here)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wine1.6

This will install latest stable version of wine.

  • Step 2. Installing Warcraft 3

Now insert Warcraft 3 RoC cd in CD-Rom
Then start Install.exe (right click > Open With Wine Widndows Program Loader)

If have digital copy (.iso) you can use Furius ISO Mount to mount .iso files.

Installation is normal as in windows.

Then after installing WC3 RoC install WC3 TFT

  • Step 2.1 Installing Patches
Download latest patch or just connect to Battle.net to auto download latest patch.

Before Running Warcraft!

Warcraft movies will not play, because of that go to Warcraft III folder and rename folder Movies to something like Moviesxxx or simalar.

  • Step 3. Creating Launcher
If you use Steam you can add Warcraft 3 to Steam.

  • Troubleshoots
1. If game looks something like this:

then go to Applications > Wine > Configure Wine > Graphics > Check "Emulate a Virtual Desktop" and set resolution to resolution in Warcraft 3, or try to change game resolution.


t-Dew said...

Very nice tutorial !

Good job!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I want to kiss you (no homo). I just got really pissed off when I downloaded it from Blizzard certain it would run under Ubuntu and then see if fail, after I tried so many things. I dont know what you said here that was different, but....it worked and thats all that matters. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

When I start up wc3 the monitor goes blank with a message "out of range" but I can hear the music from the game in the background. How do I solve this problem?

Anonymous said...

buy a new pc

love2spooge said...

no you don't.

This heppends because you monitor or GPU cant handle resolution/refresh rate,

Change resolution in Warcraft 3 or run it in windowed mode.

or try reinstalling drivers for GPU.

HooDHunTeR said...

Ok. i did everything you said to do here. STILL will not load properly. if i go to wine, and change it to "emulate a virtual desktop" it plays the movie but i have no mouse and it never gets to the menu. also, the sound is popping randomly... does not do this when i play music. before i saw this tutorial, i had followed commands on another website telling me to, once wine was installed, to install warcraft III normally. when i open it, i get the same black screen telling me to change resolution to 1600x900 60mhz but its already on that resolution. i LIVE on TFT, but a worm really put the nails in the coffin wiith vista. im not completely new to ubuntu, but i have never done this before. that launcher does nothing when i click on it... what am i doing wrong here?

love2spooge said...

Did You renamed Movies folder? This is very important!

If You are using compiz try turning it off (use compiz switch) before running Wc3.

And try running Wc3 in windowed mode by adding
-windowed tag in command in launcher.

If you are having problems with launcher, here is how it should look http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_lh7jyvHkwS4/SlIradtmfCI/AAAAAAAAAb0/HsxzV1Fjsbw/s1600-h/ubuntu+launcher.jpg

If you have more problems contact me via msn, YIM or gtalk

Anonymous said...

thx helped a lot!

Anonymous said...

Who do i get it in full screen ? kinda new to ubuntu.

joviens said...

Well, thanks for the info!! I have plan to use ubuntu in my laptop..

Anonymous said...

work on eeepc 900 ??

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