Apr 20, 2010

How To Increasing Warcraft III Performance/FPS

If you have an old PC or you have a netbook with windows 7 or vista, then you may have some lags or low fps in warcraft 3.

First that i wan't to say is if you have windows vista then i recommend you to upgrade to windows 7 or latest windows vista service pack.
Windows vista is really fail OS in my opinion, it "eats" all your resource in PC.

If you wan't to check you fps in Wc3 use FRAPS.

  • Aero Theme

Try to disable aero theme. right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize from the menu, there switch to basic theme.
For some people enabled aero theme have increase FPS in WC3.

  • Priority

Making Warcraft III The highest priorty can increase performance in Wc3. Press CNTRL + ALT + Delete and go to task manager. Go to the proccess tab and find "war3.exe". Right click it and set its priority to "Highest".

  • XP Mode

Try to run Warcraft In a XP Compadibility mode.

1) Go to your Warcraft III Folder.

2) Find war3.exe And Right Click It.

3) Go to Properties and the compadibility Tab.

4) And Click the box " Run in combadibilty Mode " and select Windows XP Service Package 3.

  • OpenGL

If you have an older video card running in OpenGL mode can increase your fps.
Heres a guide how to run WC3 in OpenGL mode.

  • Software Transform and Lighting

On some integrated video cards (like Intel GMA X3100) WC3 works very slow.
To resolve this problem You need to add -swtnl parameter in target field of shortcut.

It shod look something like this:

"C:\Prog​ram Files\Warcraft III\Frozen Throne.exe" -swtnl

  • Linux/Ubuntu

If you are running Wc3 in Linux you can increase performance by disabling Compiz.
To disable Compiz in Ubuntu press ALT + F2 and type:
metacity --replace
To enable Compiz again type:
compiz --replace

Don't except to much, this tips will give best results if you have windows vista.

Also if you have problems with Warcraft 3 and windows 7 check this post.


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