Apr 19, 2010

Warcraft 3 Battle.net Commands List

Here is a list of basic commands used in Warcraft 3 Battle.Net.

This command allows you to set statuses, chat with friends etc...

/dnd reason- Do not disturb mode Ex. /dnd Leave me alone!
/stats - Tell you your Battle.net stats, ex. Hello Solo 1-0 Team 2-0
/w – Allows you to whisper your friend. Ex. /w Joeey123 Hey!
/m - Allows you to whisper your friend same thing as /w username
/me - Allows you to write in a gray faded message
/squelch – Allows you to ignore messages from a person. Ex. /squelch Fatty

/unsquelch – Allows you to receive messages from a person. Ex. /unsquelch fatty
/away – People who send you messages will get a respond saying something. To turn off your /away message type /away again and it will say “You are no longer being marked away” Ex. /away Im doing chores brb
/join Channel name – Ex. Short form /j Warcraft III USA-1
/who Channel name – Displays usernames in the specified channel. Ex. /who Clan xroc
/whois Username – Tells you where the specified person is.
/whoami – “Provides you with your current location on Battle.net”
/time - Provides you your battle.net time and Local time.
/users - Provides you the number of users, games, and channels that are currently active across Battle.net.
/profile username - Allows you to view the profile of someone.
/fps - Tells you your fps in game.
Ctrl+M - Turns Warcraft music on / off. Press Ctrl+M again to turn it back.
Ctrl+S - Turns your Warcraft sound on /off. Press Ctrl+S again to turn it back.

Friend Commands
/f l - Lists everyone in your friends list and what they're doing.
/f add username - Adds the specified username to your friends list.
/f remove username - Removes the specified username off your friends list.
/m username - Sends a message to the speicifed username.
/f promote username - Moves the specified username up one.
/f demote username - Moves the specified username down one.
/f m - Sends a message to all your friends in your friends list.


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