Feb 27, 2010

New Windows Update "KB976264" Adds Better Support For Warcraft 3 In Windows Vista/7

Microsoft release update "KB976264" that adds better compatibility for older games.
Good news it that one of this game is Warcraft 3.

So if You are having problems with Warcraft 3 on windows Vista/7 You should install this update.


Feb 22, 2010

How To Translate Warcraft 3 in English - Wc3UsConverter

If You have Warcraft 3 in other language and You want it to be in english this is tutorial for You.

First You need to download Wc3UsConverter, You can download it from here (311.2mb)

When You downloaded Wc3UsConverter don next:

1.Save all things like maps , custom keys , replays etc and copy them into a new folder.


Feb 17, 2010

Warcraft 3 On Multi-Touch Screen

Video of Warcraft 3 on multi-touch screen, it looks awesome!


Feb 10, 2010

Invitation Giveaway - Lockerz and Google Wave

Hey, I have some invitation that I want to share:

  • Google Wave

I have 23 20 invitation for Google Wave if somebody don't know what Google Wave is read this.
Invitation will not be send immediately, because this is only nomination for invitation.
"Invitations will not be sent immediately. We have a lot of stamps to lick."


Extreme Candy War 2009.2

You remember Extreme Candy War 2005? Good map indeed...

Well kvasirr from hiveworkshop.com made new version, the Extreme Candy War 2009.2


Feb 5, 2010

How To Run Warcraft 3 In OpenGL Mode

If you want to increase performances in Warcraft 3 or You have problems with DirectX You can run Warcraft 3 in OpenGL mode.

OpenGL for Warcraft 3 is used in Linux and OS X and it can be used in Windows.

To run Warcraft 3 in OpenGL mode right click on Warcraft 3 shortcut and in Target field ad "-opengl" tag (without quotes).


Feb 3, 2010

DotA 6.66b AI 0.2141 - Fixed Crashes

DotA 6.66b AI 0.2141 is released, it bring fixes with game crashing on AI 0.214.

Crashes were detected in Slark's Pounce, Ursa's Overpower and Visage's Summon Familiars, this was leading Warcraft to crash.

-Rewrote Overpower and Summon Familiars to prevent AI crashes
-Undid the fix added for Pounce in 6.66b that was causing the game to crash


Feb 2, 2010

Firewalls And Hosting Games For Warcraft, WoW, Diablo and Starcraft

Firewall and ports mean much if You wan't to host games.

Firewall may cause incoming data from reaching Your computer so other player will be unable to joint Your game.

Firewall can be anywhere, as software (windows firewall or some 3rd party firewall) and as hardware (modems/routers).

Here are port for Warcraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft. This ports need to be unblocked so games will good.

Diablo and Warcraft II Battle.net Edition:
Allow port 6112-6119 TCP and UDP out and in


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