May 19, 2011

Fix Warcraft 3 Fatal Error

If you got this error

This application has encountered a critical error: fatal error!
Program: d:\program files\warcraft iii\war3.exe
Exception: oxcoooooo5 (access_violation) at 016F:0306A6A8 0xFFFFFA66
The memmory could not be written

Press ok to terminate the application
This may help:

- Restart the Game.
- Restart Computer

However, if you still get Fatal Errors:
- Update your video card
- Update your sound card
- Change/alter your sound card information

If you are using AVANCE sound card: DL this (registry file)
If you are using SOUND MAX: DL this (registry file)

These should fix your problems.

If it still give you "FATAL ERROR" then:
-Reset the War3 it self: DL THIS (registry file)

Hope this helps.


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