Jul 14, 2013

GHost++, Warcraft 3 Hosting Bot

GHost++ is a cross platform Warcraft 3 hosting bot. Main features of GHost++ are that is cross platforms (works on windows, linux and mac) and work with Blizzard and PVPGN servers.
Also if you are using GProxy++ for connecting to GHost++ hosted game it allows to reconnect if you get disconnected because internet problems or similar.


  • host Reign of Chaos or The Frozen Throne games
  • connect to multiple realms at the same time
  • host battle.net games and LAN games
  • host battle.net games across realms (players from different realms can play in the same game)
  • auto refresh games on battle.net
  • auto host and start games without admin interaction
  • can be controlled via LAN (you only need one set of CD keys)
  • host multiple games at the same time
  • host melee maps and custom maps
  • high speed map downloads (with adjustable maximum download speed)
  • host saved games
  • record complete replays of hosted games (including allied and private chat from all players)
  • determine player pings and countries of origin
  • player bans
  • player statistics
  • kick players from games
  • adjustable game latency
  • adjustable lag screen
  • mute global chat in games
  • mute individual players in lobbies and games
  • use a local SQLite database or any MySQL database to store admins/bans/stats/etc

Tutorial on how to use and configure GHost++ is located in Read Me.txt file


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