Mar 13, 2014

Dota 2 Ready - Never Miss Match Again

Dota 2 Ready is tool that automatically accepts match invitation in Dota 2 if you are away (AFK).
Dota 2 ready also works if Dota 2 in minimized and you just browsing internet of watching videos.

You must configure your Dota to [BORDLESS WINDOW] or [Window Mode (without using minimize button, use alt tab instead!)].
You must stay on the Comunnity tab in the game, the reason is: less color to conflict in Pixel Scan.

What it does:
  • Scan for an pixel color in the red line displayed in the preview, it now works by screenshot instead of live pixel scan, it's much faster now and work while alt tab.
  • Automatically click in Accept button on Find Match Making.
  • Automatically click in Deny on Recruitment Invitations.
  • Button to make dota 2 taskbar icon appear again when it disappeared (windows 8 bug with dota 2)

How to use:
  • Start Dota 2 and Dota2Ready
  • Change your Dota 2 ingame video options to Borderless or Windowed mode
  • Start search for a math and switch to a Community tab in game
  • Hit Start button or Alt+F1 in Dota2Ready (if it's not started yet)

Dota 2 Ready by DarkSupremo



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