Jul 6, 2017

WC3Proxy for Warcraft 3 Patch 1.28

WC3Proxy is one of the tool that allow you to play Warcraft 3 over lan if you have some network issues.
You can read more about WC3proxy here.

WC3Proxy is patch depended but new version for latest patch 1.28 is not available.
Good thing with WC3Proxy is open source. Source code for WC3Proxy is available online for download and anyone can download and improve WC3Proxy and add new features.

And this was done by community for patch 1.27 as latest official version was released for patch 1.26.

Source code is in C# and you will need Visual C# 2010+ to be able to open the project.

My C# coding skill are basics so currently I only adapted WC3Proxy to patch 1.28

- Added support for patch 1.28
- Launching Warcraft 3 from WC3Proxy will launch Warcraft III.exe

Download WC3Proxy with patch 1.28 here

You can get source code here:


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