Aug 20, 2009

Wc3proxy - Warcraft 3 Proxy - Download

This program allows you to play Warcraft 3 multiplayer over the internet without using Battle.Net. It does this by forwarding data between your network and the host so that they appear to be on the same LAN.


  • Displays game details (Name, map, players etc)
  • Can act as a proxy for multiple clients on a LAN.
  • Has a system tray icon that shows popups when games are found.
  • Much easier to setup/use than pvpgn etc. for quick games.
  • Proxied games show as "Proxy Game" instead of "Local Game" in Warcraft 3.
  • Does not require fiddling with port numbers
  • Remembers the server you last used


The host hosts a LAN game in Warcraft 3. Port 6112 must be accessible to the other players.
Everyone else runs WC3Proxy and enters the host's IP address in the "Server information" dialog. Tick the box for Frozen Throne if applicable. The default is Reign of Chaos.
Players then launch Warcraft 3 and choose the "Local Area Network" option. The host's game should appear in the game list.

  • To learn how to use Wc3proxy go here.
  • To learn how to unblock port 6112 in Win XP go here.
  • To learn how to unblock port 6112 in Win 7/Vista go here.
  • To Find Your IP Address go here.
  • To try to run Wc3proxy on Linux go here.

The game information will disappear when the game is started.

WC3 Proxy works from Warcraft 3 Patch 1.21 to 1.26+

Wc3proxy by: Foole


Anonymous said...

This was the only program that worked for me and my friend, thanks :)

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