Feb 16, 2009

Run Lancraft, Battle.Lan, YAWLE on Ubuntu/Linux, BSD

If You are Linux user and You are using any lan emulator to play Warcraft 3 You need to know that Wc3 lan emulators works on Linux.

You only need to download Wine.

To do that go to WineHQ download page and select Your Linux distro, or if You are using Ubuntu go to terminal and type:
sudo apt-get wine

Then download Lancraft, YAWLE or Battle.Lan and run them by right click and "Open with "Wine Windows Program Loader"" after that all is same like on windows.

Here are guides for Lan Emulators:

Firewall Guide (port 6112)

Only one thing, don't use button on Lancraft on YAWLE to start Warcraft because it will start in DirectX mode and then game will run slow.

If You don't know how to install or run Warcraft 3 in OpenGL mode red this post.


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