Aug 20, 2008

Download Battle.Lan

Battle.Lan is another program thats allows You to play Warcraft 3 over TPC/IP.
Only difference wither Lancraft is that only game host need to start Battle.Lan.

Additional Features:
- Supports 255 clients
- Can be used for other games
- Compatible with most firewalls

System Requirements:
- Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
- Administrator previlege to send raw network packets
- Warcraft 3 (installed)

Known Issues:
- PPP connection support for Warcraft3 LAN game is lacking as Warcraft3 sends packets by an ethernet interface. PPP is not an ethernet connection by Warcraft3's definition. Battle.LAN works with LAN packets only.


Anonymous said...

But PPP connections *do* work? See -- All that's needed is something to relay the broadcast packets, and that's something a lot of ppp connections *don't* do, however it is still possible :)

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