Dec 4, 2009

New Themes For Warcraft 3

Here are some new Warcraft 3 themes.

How to install :
1. Extract your files where you like, easiest way to do it is to extract in Warcraft 3 folder (c:/Program Files/Warcraft 3)

2. When you have done that there will be 4 new items : UI, Texture, UNINSTALL and CUSTOMBG. If you extract this in Warcraft 3 folder you dont have to do anything else than to press CUSTOMBG, BUT wc3 must be OFF.

3. If you extract somewhere else you must put your UI and Texture folders into your Warcraft 3 folder. Then open "custombg".

4. Open "uninstall"

  • Mac background with red buttons :

Download : here

  • Star background with green buttons :

Download : here

Credits go to MaliN@Northrend

Want more themes for Warcraft 3? Check this page.


Anonymous said...

is there any other link for babe version?? coz when i downloaded that theme it wont work,BTW all the of these are great i love it

Anonymous said...

cómo crear skins ? : S

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