Feb 17, 2010

Warcraft 3 On Multi-Touch Screen

Video of Warcraft 3 on multi-touch screen, it looks awesome!


Ps3 controller said...

This is good and the games taken to the phones create another genre of palyers...the touch screen in all has created a huge impact in this gaming arena too.Love the warcraft games.

ralph said...

But im more amazed on how you got wc3 running in widescreen more than anything.
Based on the what i see on the vid, theres hardly any image stretching at all...

Laptop Screen said...

The only thing I can say about this video is WoW. I think it would be an amazing experience to World of Warcraft on that machine. Touchscreen has so much potential just like 3D LCD and TV screens. I can't wait to see what gaming will be like on them.

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