Aug 9, 2013

How To Use JurCraft (Windows Version)

First download JurCraft if you haven't

Before you start JurCraft make sure that port 6112 is open, if you have router make sure that you port-forward port 6112 for both TCP and UDP.

Now start JurCraft, if you have already created game it should appeared in list.

Use "+" button to add IP addresses of all players who are joining game.

If you have problems with Windows firewall check this links:
Setting Up Firewall in Windows XP
Setting Up Firewall in Windows 7/Vista

  • Neither me nor my friend can see each other's games.
    Make sure both of you are using the same version of Warcraft III / The Frozen Throne. Also check if the Game Port is set to 6112 (Warcraft III -> Options -> Gameplay -> Game Port). 

  • JurCraft won't launch / crashes
     Send e-mail. JurCraft is still under development.


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