Aug 25, 2008

YAWLE-Yet Another Warcraft Lan Emulator - Download

YAWLE (Yet Another Warcarft Lan Emulator) is another Warcraft lan emulator thats allows You to play Warcraft 3 over TPC/IP.
It works as Lancraft and it have Activity Leds thats allow You to see program status.

  • To learn how to use YAWLE go here.
  • To learn how to unblock port 6112 in Win XP go here.
  • To learn how to unblock port 6112 in Win 7/Vista go here.
  • To Find Your IP Address go here.
  • To run YAWLE on Linux go here.


Anonymous said...

I need help..I always get a darkgreen light (connected to Game server).If i try to join the game, it always says unable to join game.What can i do?Firewalls are closed!

love2spooge said...

1.Firewall need to be open for port 6112 ( if You have win7/vista read
2.Game port need to be set to 6112 (at Yours and game host computer), I think this is You problem. read

try this, if it doesn't help

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i want to download, but the ad is blocking. why is that?

Anonymous said...

got same problem,, cant get it working

maxime said...

nice, is good :) is work in for wc3 1.24e TFT and ROC

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