Mar 30, 2010

Manabars For WC3 1.26 - View Warcraft 3 Mana Bar

Manabars tool is used to show heroes of units mana bar underneath HP bar.

Place inside your Warcraft 3 folder and Warcraft will automatically load it, delete it from there to remove it

Mana bar will be showed when You press "Alt" key.

To view mana bar always go to Options > Gameplay and check "Always show healt bars"

Manabars tool by Lynn


nizar said...

This work ! thanks a lot ;)

不知所谓 said...

y my war3 will error ? i using 1.24e

love2spooge said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for you.
Could you change the manabar color from blue to red ?

love2spooge said...

you need to ask author for that, but i that is silly because default colour for mana is blue

Anonymous said...

why my war3 error when i use mana bars??:/

love2spooge said...

what the error says?

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