Jun 19, 2008

How to Use Lancraft

1. Downloading and installing Lancraft

First download Lancraft here, after downloading extract lancraft.zip.
copy lancraft.exe file in Your Warcraft 3 directory (C:\Program Files\Warcraft III).

2. Using Lancraft

Strat lancraft.exe before starting Warcraft 3.
In field with “” insert Host’s IP and click on “Start Warcraft” button.

In Game chose “Local Area Network”, in “Games” field select game and click “Joing Game”

If You are Host You don’t start lancraft, but You can start tool for game host caled Battle.Lan

3. IP Adress

Read This IP Addres Guide

4. Firewall

To play Warcraft 3 with Lancraft You will need to unblock port 6112 on You firewall.

Setting Up Firewall in Windows XP
Setting Up Firewall in Windows 7/Vista


Host Lookup Canceled

On this error just click OK.

Unable To Enter Local Game

If You can’t enter lan game make shure that in the game is seted to port 6112!
To set port enter Options>Game Play

"Don't Send" error

On this error make shure that Warcraft 3 is not running and that other Lan Emulators for Warcraft 3 are not running.

6. Other

Check guide for lancraft in Chinise language.


Anonymous said...

The BEST program and guide from all the internet. Sicerly the best. I tried many,many, and no one was like this. Grats for all the work and explanasions.Thank you very much. I really appreciate the work.THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

awesome guide man . appreciate ur hard work

Anonymous said...

No need to go anywhere else

Nerosan said...

Is it posible to start RoC with lancraft if i have installed TFT?

love2spooge said...


Anonymous said...

anyone say when i host or my friend host we keep get disconect from begining of the game...even whit "waiting for players" and that shit..
thank you anyway my email is dn_dinho@hotmail.com

Wildpeon said...

For some reasons my friend cant see the game i created... i use battlelan and he uses lancraft... i added his IP to the battlelan n he added mine to lancraft but still nothing... help please

love2spooge said...

try YAWLE or Wc3Proxy

@Wildpeon try not using Battle.lan

+ if you have routers don't forget to portforward them...

Anonymous said...


it´s doesent work

firewall OFF

hmm can u help me?

love2spooge said...

maybe router is blocking wc3, Do you have same version of wc3 as host?

PS: never turn off antivirus in windows :)

Anonymous said...

Trying to play with 2 friends and when one joins the other gets disconnected. Any reasoning behind that? Running Lancraft and Hamachi

Anonymous said...

Dont be stupid... You don't need hamachi to play with Lancraft. Close it...

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